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Pure Lip Hebrew School provides many options for a successful spiritual journey learning to Read, Speak and Translate the Biblical Hebrew Language...


We offer a flexible Hebrew learning environment, so that it fits both your schedule and learning style.  Our textbook delivers the language concepts in an organized manner that makes sense.  The exercises are designed to give you plenty of experience to learn the material and retain it.  We work through an entire book of the Bible from start to finish with plenty of other verses from Scripture included in the exercises.  You will learn to read the Bible without translation distortions.


It's as easy as 1-2-3!

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Our course lessons are nurturing and simple for the novice and even children

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Kathleen Floyd Youngs

Chief Instructor

"Any amount of Hebrew you learn is life changing.  We can not tell you what will change, only you can find this out when you step in and encounter, first hand, the LIVING WORD in the original language of our Creator."

Linda Marcus

Instructor PLHS Graduate

"The Hebrew Language is a life passion for me and I am overjoyed to be teaching and sharing with others."

Robin Palumbo

Instructor PLHS Graduate

"It is my desire to help others who also have a hunger to learn Biblical Hebrew. Together we will walk along the path of this wonderful journey. Come join us and learn this beautiful and unique language of our Creator, Yahweh Elohim."

Rhonda Dickerman

Instructor PLHS Graduate

Rhonda has been studying Biblical Hebrew for the past five years.  A love for the Hebrew language began when she first heard the Creator’s name in a song and experienced a unique connection with Him.  Her zeal for teaching Hebrew is contagious and is reflected in her students.  She will tell you that learning Hebrew enhances the journey of life with the Creator and invites you to join her.

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"Begin Your learning journey today... you never know where it can lead you!"

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