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How We Work

Pure Lip Hebrew School provides many options for a successful spiritual journey learning to Read, Speak and Translate the Biblical Hebrew Language...


We offer a flexible Hebrew learning environment, so that it fits both your schedule and learning style.  Our textbook delivers the language concepts in an organized manner that makes sense.  The exercises are designed to give you plenty of experience to learn the material and retain it.  We work through an entire book of the Bible from start to finish with plenty of other verses from Scripture included in the exercises.  You will learn to read the Bible without translation distortions.


It's as easy as 1-2-3!

3.    Pick your instructor:

  • Pick from a list of qualified instructors who are knowledgeable and friendly.

1.     Pick your course level:

  • Hebrew 101 to 801.

  • FAST TRACK (Letters and Vowels)

2.     Pick your class environment:

  • Online Classroom

  • One-on-One Online Instruction

  • Downloadable Lessons

  • Traditional Classroom Course

biblical Hebrew courses

Our course lessons are nurturing and simple for the novice and even children

Hebrew 101  

In this 12 Week course you will learn:

The Alephbayt and Nekudot = Letters and Vowel Pointings

Reading and pronunciation rules

God's reckoning of time

How to use a concordance & activate Hebrew fonts on your computer


  • Introduction / 6 Letters / 2 Vowels

  • 5 Letters / 1 Vowel

  • 6 Letters / 2 Vowels / The Feasts of Yahweh (Lev 23)

  • 5 Letters / 2 Vowels / Final Forms (Sofim)

  • Sheva / Odd Vowels / Dagesh – Pronunciation rules / Use of a Concordance / Interlinear Bible / Typing in Hebrew

Hebrew 201  

In this 7 to 8 Week course you will learn:


Verb conjugation

Multiple grammar concepts

  • Nouns and Verbs ~ Masculine

  • Nouns and Verbs ~ Feminine

  • Nouns and Verbs ~ Plural / Inseparable Prepositions

  • The Perfect Tense ~ Qatal

  • The Direct Object Marker את

Hebrew 301

In this 8 to 10 Week Course you will learn:


Grammar concepts

Verb conjugation and Parsing Verbs

Begin your journey reading an entire Book of the Bible

  • Construct Chains ~ Singular

  • Construct Chains ~ Plural

  • Begin Reading a Book of The Bible

  • The Imperfect Tense ~ Yiqtol

  • Weak Verbs ~ Drop Letter Imperfects

Hebrew 401

In this 10 to 11 Week Course you will learn:


Grammar concepts

The Non-apparent verb is, am, are

  • Pronominal Sentences (without Verbs)

  • The Adjective

  • Possessive Endings ~ Singular Nouns

  • Prepositions with Pronoun Endings

Hebrew 501

In this 8 to 10 Week Course you will learn:


The 3 remaining Verb Forms

The Nail that Changes past to future and future to past!



  • The Conjunctive Waw (Vav) ~ Weqatal / Wayyiqtol

  • The Participle Verb Form

  • Imperative Verb Form / Numbers

  • Infinitive Verb Form

  • ~ This completes the Pa’al (Qal) Binyan Verb Form

Hebrew 601

In this 7 to 8 Week Course you will learn:


Verb forms

Noun concepts

Simple Overview of the 7 Verb Voice Structures or Binyanim

Active Voice Pattern


  • Weak Verbs ~ Ayin Waw / Ayin Yod (Hollow)

  • Possessive Endings ~ Plural Nouns

  • Piel Binyan Verb Pattern / Overview of 7 Binyanim ‘Verb Patterns’

Hebrew 701

In this 7 to 8 Week Course you will learn:


The causative voice structure


  • Hifil Binyan Verb Pattern

  • The Hifil Variations - Transformers

  • Hifil Weak Verbs ~ Ayin Waw /Ayin Yod (Hollow) Verbs

Hebrew 801

In this 12 to 14 Week Course you will learn:


Grammar concepts

The Last 4 Verb voice structures

BDB lexicon use

  • Verbs with Object Suffixes

  • Pual Binyan Verb Pattern / Biblical Text Punctuation

  • Hufal Binyan Verb Pattern / Reading Practice

  • Nifal Binyan Verb Pattern

  • Hitpael Binyan Verb Pattern 

  • The Last Exercise – 2 to 4 weeks ~ Working with all the Basic Grammar and Verb Structures

Hebrew 901

Post Grad Course

In this post graduate course, you are ready to begin to handle reading and mechanically translating large portions of selected passages in the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings.  You will continue to learn more vocabulary and smaller grammar concepts and put to use all that you have learned in 101 to 801.  This course is disciplined with the use of a Textbook that has a similar environment to our prior curriculum.  

Hebrew 1001

Mechanical Torah Portion Project

The climax of our studies in Hebrew: to experience the wonders in Scripture that we will never see in English! This is where we throw out 'good English Grammar' and enjoy translating the Scriptures in the unique way our Creator expresses Himself in His Native Tongue as we work our way through the Torah Parashiyot (Portions).  This project is designed to reveal as much natural Hebrew expression as possible,  without targeting proper English grammar.

Western Wall, Kotel

Our School

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class options

Online Classroom

This program is designed to allow you to learn in the comfort of your own home in a live, state of the art real time classroom environment.  This option is good if you:

  • Don't want to waste time traveling to class.

  • Have a computer but are not very computer literate.

  • If you want a private or a group class.

  • Can join a class about to begin or have others who want to attend in the same class.

Schedule a Live Tutor Session

These sessions are designed for those who are learning at their own pace using the downloadable lessons and want to:

  • Spend a little bit of time with a teacher.

  • Have specific questions to ask.

  • Want to focus on a particular concept.

  • Want to take an exam.


This program is great for those with any of the following:

  • A desire to work at your own pace.

  • A shoe-string budget.

  • Have time restrictions.

  • Might not want to do homework as often.

  • Internet speed limitations.


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Kathleen Floyd

Senior Instructor - Owner/Operator

"Any amount of Hebrew you learn is life changing.  I welcome you to come and start your journey to learn for yourself, the LIVING WORD in the original language of our Creator."

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"Begin Your learning journey today... you never know where it can lead you!"

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