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Western Wall, Kotel

Enrollment Form

Hebrew Language Course Stipulations


Session start dates are contingent on student enrollment.  No Tuition will be collected until we have set a start date.  Once the Session begins enrollment is closed.



The cost of the books you will need for this course is approximately $50.  You will receive a separate attachment with resource ordering information.   Pure Lip Hebrew, LLC materials that are provided are copyrighted and must not be shared without express written consent.


If you are absent from a class, you must still pay for the class.  When an unavoidable absence occurs, makeup classes are available for an additional fee which is determined on an individual basis. (This is not applicable for group classes, which are recorded.  These recordings can be accessed within 10 minutes after the class you miss, ends.  This will make it easy for you to stay on track with the rest of your class if you have an unavoidable absence.)

If you have a private class, rescheduling may be possible or a recorded class may be provided if that is the best route for the situation.  Again, this will be determined on an individual basis.


Tuition is paid in advance for the month ahead.  Invoicing is sent out electronically around the 25th of the month and is due on the 1st of each month. 

Tuition will be invoiced through the Pure Lip Hebrew, LLC website and can be remitted via Square or by check made payable to “Pure Lip Hebrew”.  A Credit/Debit card convenience charge will be added for payments made via Square.  Lump-sum payments can also be made.


$25 per student – Small Group Class- 3 to 5 people for One 2 hour class per week.

$15 per student – Small Group Class- 6 to 10 people for One 2 hour class per week.

$35 – Semi-Private Class- 2 students for One 90 minute class per week. ($50 Married Couples)
$45 – Private Class (1 student) One 90 minute class per week.

$15 group Rate for 10+ per student (in-person class – I may need to add travel expenses).


We have opted to offer lower Tuition rates for larger classes, not a higher standard rate.  Please understand that your Tuition rate could change if your class experiences a loss of students.  Our student retention rate is very high!

Please fill in the information below and click the SUBMIT button to acknowledge your agreement with these stipulations.

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