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About Us

No Pressure Learning

Pure Lip is an online school for Biblical Hebrew, geared toward Christian & Messianic English-speakers.

Pure Lip is a virtual academy for Biblical Hebrew language study open to adult and adolescent students. Formerly known as Lechem Chai -
Bread of Life, the online academy, located in Cobb County, Georgia, began in 2005 by founder Kathleen Floyd
. Lessons are taught in English. The curriculum focuses on Biblical Hebrew studies, encouraging Biblical Sephardic pronunciations (a more ancient native dialect) in an effort to preserve the purest form of the language.

Pure Lip's lessons are available in multiple formats to fit anyone's schedule and learning styles. The instructors are qualified, knowledgeable, personable, non intimidating and pleasant to learn from. One of the best aspects of Pure Lip is the no-pressure approach it takes for instruction. You move at your own pace. You choose your instruction format. You pick your instructor.

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How We're Different...

  • Our proven method of learning is effective, fun and easy.

  • Instructions and exercises make sense and create a consistent learning environment to assimilate the language concepts and retain the material.

  • You learn in a Non-intimidating relaxed classroom environment. 

  • Personal attention is given to every student.

  • You can easily learn grammar in this well ordered and consistent language.

  • Learn as little or as much as you like.

  • Learn at your own pace.

  • Classes are recorded so you can view again.

  • Build a strong foundation to move out in any direction.

  • Experience a Paradigm Shift to an organic Hebraic understanding of the Bible.

  • English speaking instructors can lead you through the hard spots that others don't understand.

  • You will learn Ancient Paleo, Babylonian and Cursive Scripts.

  • This is more than an academic venture.

  • You'll receive Holy Spirit led instruction in this spiritual journey learning the Biblical Hebrew Language!

Kathleen began her Hebrew studies in 2001, in Cobb County, Georgia. Since 2005 she has been ministering in Biblical Hebrew Language instruction and spiritual craftsmanship.  As Founder and  Chief Instructor at Pure Lip Hebrew School, she is dedicated to teaching Biblical Hebrew Language in an insightful, anointed and inspiring way that equips believers in the Messiah to the Ancient Path of the faith in Yeshua.  Her 'spiritual craftsmanship' is realized as she nurtures believers into an appropriate relationship with the Nation of Israel while teaching them the Biblical Hebrew language.  Kathleen has groomed many of her Hebrew Graduates into Hebrew instructors who are now teaching their own family and friends.

Kathleen's Training / Curriculum Vitae

  • Foundational Studies in Biblical Hebrew

Rabbetzin D. L. Otto

  • The Art of Teaching Hebrew

Zechariah Ministries

  • Biblical Hebrew

Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

  • Modern Conversational Hebrew

Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Kathleen lives with her Mother Patricia, in Metro Atlanta, Cobb County, Georgia.  She loves to cook and host guests.  She finds great enjoyment in crafting ornate Scripture Staffs as a hobby.

Kathleen Floyd, Founder & Senior Instructor
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