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Only in the Original Biblical Hebrew Language can you experience the UNIQUE EXPRESSION of the Creator.... Find out what the Bible really says!

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“Because then I will turn to Nations a pure lip, to proclaim, all of them in the Name of The LORD , to serve Him one shoulder."
Zephaniah 3:9 (Mechanical translation, Kathleen Avigail Floyd )
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Learn Biblical Hebrew

Enjoy learning the Creator's language while sipping coffee on your living room couch. Pure Lip Hebrew provides online lessons for the Biblical Hebrew language. It is designed with all Seekers in mind who want to learn Hebrew for the purpose of studying Scripture in the original Hebrew, exploring Ancient Paleo Hebrew, or getting a foundational understanding before learning conversational Hebrew.

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Learning the Hebrew language has never been easier. Pure Lip Hebrew incorporates songs, ditties and memory devices that help you navigate the pitfalls and clear the hurdles of language learning. You can even choose from various learning programs to implement what best fits your learning style, budget, and schedule. 


You can learn as much or as little Hebrew as you desire.  In 6 weeks you can learn amazing depth in the Paleo word pictures while learning to read the letters and vowels and also  enhance your concordance usage. In 12 weeks you can learn to write and read any Hebrew text, beginning  with ancient prayers and blessings.  You may want to go all the way and attain enough knowledge to translate the Hebrew Scriptures on your own. Pure Lip allows you to customize your Biblical Hebrew learning journey and establish a  strong foundation to build on! 


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Doing is a large part of learning and Pure Lip Hebrew School provides multiple tools to assist in the process of learning by doing...


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Immersing yourself in a language is a very successful way to learn. You can come into the playground and enhance your class assignments and so much more!

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